A series about violins of hope, played within the Nazi camp. They belonged to a violinist who survived the Holocaust in Germany.

The surviving violins were brought to Israel. They were collected by Mr. Amnon Weinstein, who restores them – giving them new life and the ability to emit ‘Sounds of Hope’. The series was photographed in his studio while the violins are mended and restored.

The second-to-last picture shows us a violin that was broken during Nazi times and repaired by a German who engraved ‘Heil Hitler’ and a swastika inside. It was played by a violinist in the Nazi camp and its melody escorted the condemned to their deaths until the last moment.

When Weinstein restored the instrument in Israel, he opened it and found the Nazi engravings. This violin will never be played again and will be displayed as a Holocaust item to instruct the new generation.