About Me

My fascination with photography and camera art has lasted all my professional life.

It began when I was accepted as an assistant at Studio Gavra in Tel Aviv in the 1960s. At the time Gavra was the leading photography studio in Israel and later became the country’s leading photography school.

With a basic know-how of technique, I then moved to Essen, Germany – studying art and photography with Professor Steinhardt at the Folkwang School of Art.

Upon graduation, I started work as an assistant at the F.C Gundlach Studio in Hamburg. Franz Christian Gundlach was one of Germany’s foremost fashion photographers of his day.

Upon returning to Israel in 1971, I set up a studio specializing in advertising and image perception photography. I undertook assignments for the country’s top high-tech companies, the Weizmann Institute, the Technion, major hospitals and many other institutions.

Recently I resumed my work as an Art Photographer, creating exhibitions at my own initiative. They have great interest for curators and those curating photo exhibitions.