The Mission

My current interest in photography focuses on the creation and display of Photo Exhibitions and Essays. The mission defined for this website is to show curators of museums and galleries the range of my work and to explore together the possibility of exhibiting.

During my long career, I’ve often been caught by a theme or idea that reveals a story or experience. It’s fascinating to start such a journey and see where it leads. That was the case with ‘Africa’, when the local imagery took me off on a fascinating tangent after a corporate shoot.

It’s a magical moment when the technical part of a photographer’s skill connects with the places that emotions carry him or her.

I hope that as a Curator you’ll enjoy my Photography Exhibitions. If you’re considering commissioning a Photo Essay concept for your gallery, do get in touch. I have a large archive of Art Photography. Perhaps the photos you seek are in stock. If not, I can create them.

I’m sure that we can do something memorable together.

Miki Koren